Joël Van Audenhaege
Art director

Collin Hotermans
Graphic designer

Created in 2008 by Joël Van Audenhaege, Dōjō Design – The place to Learn the Way – is a graphic design studio that functions as an open ‘workshop’.

Our aim is to provide the opportunity to share ideas, graphic and visual concepts in permanent connection with contemporary graphic design and artistic creation.

The team counts several young designers and covers all steps of the realization of paper or electronic communication projects. Dōjō Design has many connections with young european designers and photographers, as well as freelance web-designers who supervise the technical follow-up of electronic communication projects. 

Dōjō Design is involved in several publishing projects in the fields of Photography, Contemporary Art and Architecture.

The studio offers its services in the creation process and follow up of corporate identity, corporate litterature, artistic projects communication…